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Thursday, January 31, 2008


So I have this 5month old, who is very cute, but has had this hacking choking cough FOREVER!  Now before you assume anything, she has been to the Doctor (several times) and she is fine.  We also have a big humidifier for the room.
However, the choking cough she has  sounds horrible and she most often does it in the middle of night.  Sometimes it goes on so long I need to go over to get her and check her out.
That is exactly what happened last night, at about 2Am, in my bedroom. The same bedoom that that my husband, who knows my gracefulness, has dark enough for a vampire.   Kennedy starts to cough and choke, so up I get.  As I jump out of bed to rescue her, I move two steps and fall on my dog. I fell hard and landed slpayed out  on the floor and on the dog.   Now my husband is awake and I hear" Heather, Heather, was that you are you alright?" After I reply, the next sound I hear from him is snoring.  He is used to this as I am an amazingly graceful:) person.
Well, the only thing really hurt was my grace.   Magnus, the dog, kindly waited for me to get up before he lept up and went to sleep far away from me across the room.  I think he felt safer by the window.
Needless to say, Kennedy had stopped coughing by the time I got there and was peacefully back to sleep. Actually, everyone was back to sleep except me..... I was left like  like Larry David awake pondering the political agenda of the Christian conservative(((Shiver))))).


sharon said...

My little gurl had that cough - we treated it with some drugs last winter, and she doesnt have it this winter. I think (not accusing, but fairly sure) it was cause her dad smoked. He quit this past fall and we haven't had a problem so far. Likely it is an allergy/sensitivity tos omething in the air.
But it is the scariest noise in the world.

Knitting Keep Me sane said...

Hi I Lolololololololololo