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Friday, February 1, 2008

Yarn p0rn

So since I am limited on the camera front. I am checking out cannon now due to my sisters camera and Cass' post. We'll see. I am horrible about making choices ask anyone who knows me. It is my OCD.
Anyway this is what I am knitting with and I personally love this yarn:Noro Kureyon.
I love the colors and how it knits up.  I am making theBooga Bag and the colors are so happy!  It makes me happy looking at it and knitting it.  Here is the pattern link:
Plus, if anyone can tell me what the backlash against this yarn is for I would appreciate it.  I see the bumper stickers on blogs but do not understand.
These colors make me SOOO Happy Really!


Studio Lou Lou said...

Hi All Knitters,

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Anne said...

The colors are beautiful - I just hate how it feels. :*( And for felting, it's a personal preference - I like things that felt up a bit sturdier than Kureyon does. Many folks love love love it! And I do adore their colors and how they knit up.. but.. yea, not so much on the scritchiness of it compared to other yarns.

Paula said...

I love the Kureyon colorways.
It will make a nice bag.

Could you email me at
I am getting ready to send out the Dogs on Thursday Valentines and I only have one of your dogs names and I didn't want to leave out the other one.

Anonymous said...

Noro Kureyon colors make me happy too. Yes, it's a little scratchy, but using Soak improves the softness.