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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Magnus the Amazing Dog

Here is my pain on the ass err wonderful dog Magnus. Yesterday, God felt my life as the parent of a five year old a five month old and two dogs was much too boring. So when I came home from picking up my 5 yo at school, I found that Magnus the PITA (pain in the ass) dog had chewed the cap off the top of windshield washer fluid and De-Icier. So after I called the vet, they referred me to Poison control, who due to the very lethal nature of it..(at this point you know I was completely relaxed while on the phone-----READ PANIC!!!!) had me call Animal poison control. Well long story short and 60 dollars later (it is not a free service) my dog is fine, it is NOT lethal to most dogs....Mainly causes depression, stomach upset, and ataxia (acting like they are drunk....)
Needless to stay after the phone call I opened a beer and sat down got out my knitting and tried to relax till my third child-----I mean my husband, got home:)

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