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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Pedistrian Frogger

First off let me say: I feel my death will happen in a store parking lot. Anyone who knows me has heard me say this a million times. I hate them they are so dangerous like Frogger with real people. People drive through them like they are an obstacle course to see how fast they can make it around and into the best spot. Kinda like a video game and we are the poor little pedestrian frogs.
So, imagine the fun time I had already had taking around my 5 yo and 5 month old in the Walmart...of course I need diapers and of course they have NOW moved all the Hannah Montana junk err stuff to the front of the store making it impossible for a 5 yo girl to miss. So after 20 minutes of no you have 6 billion shirts, you have the video, you got the wig for Christmas, You do NOT need another Hannah purse! We finally made it through the store and were heading out the door and back to the car.
Let me say: I KNOW that putting the baby in the carrier on top is not the best move, but she was locked in....and onto the cart. I told 5yo put your hand on the cart you know people can not see you....
So off we go, yes I look both ways when out of Nowhere this jackass comes flying around the corner through the crosswalk, (now we really were frogger) so as any good Mother I jerked the cart and the 5yo out of the way. As I did this, the car seat came flying off and down went the 5month old(buckled in TG) onto the ground. At this point I lost my mind and of course the jackass never slowed, however a nice lady who saw it all jumped out to help us and got me back to the car with screaming baby and stunned 5yo in tow.
Baby is screaming with a huge egg developing on her head, I am traumatized, Katie my 5 yo is crying, you know typical day.
So I Head to the doctor, driving of course the speed limit( ya right) when Katie starts screaming about the baby, I turn my head and drive into the median curb destroying my tire. So now I have a crying baby a upset 5 yo, panic mother and blown tire and we still have not gotten to the doctor.
I run next store when I get home on the tire to my neighbor who took one look at me and handed over the car keys and buckled the kids in so I could get to the Doctor.
Happy Ending, Baby fine except the egg bruise, 5yo back at school, car, well after a 1/2 lecture on not panicking my hubby is fixing the tire and getting me a new one.
MORAL: Parking lots are hell on earth and more dangerous than the bathroom for accidents:)

Now that I lived through this maybe knitting socks will seem easy....


Cass said...

Oh Heather I was hurting just reading that! What an awful day and just the perfect excuse to get totally snockered. ;) Glad to hear that no permanent harm was done- but you can always tease your youngest that a blow to the head caused brain damage- they'll love that as teens, trust me. ;) XOXO

sue said...

Poor you! I really felt for you and held my breath as you told the story of your baby falling on the ground. How horrible and what jerks should be allowed to drive. I really do think they should only be allowed to drive cars that can only go a certain speed for everyone else's safety. I do hope you have a better day.

sharon said...

trying not to throw up here - and I have always been like you - as super careful as possible. Thank the Lord everyone is fine. Thank you to an understaning hubby (who likely wants to find the jackass and run him over about 100 times). Keep knitting and taking it easy!!!