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Monday, January 7, 2008

I am sooo Happy

I was so distressed yesterday, I got this great purple bamboo yarn. I knitted a swatch and it is GREAT!!!! So naturally I could not wait to knit something plus I have a 5month old daughter so I thought dress. After searching for many hours, I found two perfect choices, the Mable and a jumper type. Now the jumper was my first choice because it is done on 4 and 6 needles not 1 and 2's. ( read slow knitter would take forever) But then I knitted a swatch that was too short.
Sadness defeat pictures of buying and knitting with number 2 ( I have NONE).
Then through a conversation with my Mom ( read super knitter) I am now able to make the orginal dress. Which I plan on starting after the intended recipent finally stops crying and falls asleep. She is spoiled and I have to hold her sometimes. ( okay a lot and it is my fault).

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sharon said...

You make me laugh - I so hear you on thinking it is impossible and discovering it isn't!!! Way to go!!