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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Finally Done

Katie has been asking for a hat of her own,and since I have made several for her little sister it was time for a hat of her own.   I decided to use the Ribbons pattern in Itty Bitty hats and modify it to fit her head, age , and personality.  I love the colors and the way it has turned out!

As you can see, the reason it took me so long, was because the begining of August is filled with birthdays: Kennedy the 6th, and then Katie on the 10th!  She had a great time as you can see from the pictures.  Her cake turned out just the way she wanted it, and everyone seemed to have a fabulous time/a>
I am now going to get started on this dress for Kennedy
My Mom sent me the yarn as a present for Kennedy.  We decided to use a violet and white combination instead of the colors shown.
 I just got the yarn today and the colors look sooo yummy! I know Kennedy will love it!

Monday, August 11, 2008

I keep meaning to post but.....

I keep meaning to post but with everyone home for the summer I have not had anytime to myself.  My husband and I are educators so we are both off in the summer, so I get a lot of family time; however that leaves little  computer time.  
I have gotten back to knitting, it took longer than I thought after the hand surgery, but I did manage to get some knitting done.  
Kennedy turned 1 on August 6, 2008 I was determined to knit her the Birthday Cake hat from Susan B Anderson's Itty Bitty Knits!  As you can see Kennedy loves it almost as much as her cake!
August is a busy month for us with 3 birthdays, Katie is the 10th, Kennedy the 6th, and my husband the 16th.  Believe me around here we are partied out.  
On the 6th we celebrated Kennedy's 1 st Birthday with some of her favorite friends!She had a great time and sentimental Mom, I am put her in the dress her big sister Katie wore for her first birthday.  The dress was a first birthday gift from her Grammy Roberts.
Then on Saturaday, I invited about 12 of Katie's friends over to celebreate her 6th birthday, complete with the Hannah Montana cake!  The kids had a blast and so did her little sister Kennedy!  
I am currently trying to work on the ribbons hat, again from itty bitty knits, for Katie.  I making it in a beautiful green and have altered the pattern to fit Katie's size and style, but I have not had time to take pictures of this work in progress.