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Friday, January 25, 2008

Touch Me!!

No not really, unless you are John Mayer or James Taylor(don't ask about my taste).

I knitted YES knitted my first sock. I did it on DPN and it was not as hard as I thought it to be. For my first pair I did not use the lovely sock yarn Sharon my swap partner gave but instead some cheap (er) worsted weight encore that was easy to work worth and gave quick results. Besides the little redhead claimed my first pair for her and love her I do but I am not using beautiful sock yarn stash on 5yo growing feet!
It turned out well, now it is not perfect as it is the first, but it went SOOOO quick I can not believe it. Kate does have tiny feet for her age, she is 36lbs and 43" wearing only a size91/2 -10(American) shoe size. I do feed her. So the knitting was quick, I used a great and easy to follow pattern: Classic Socks from Yankee Knitter Designs. It has patterns for all sizes from babies to Men's. I made hers in the small size. It also allows for all types yarn and allows you to knit many types of socks besides the plain basic pair I did as my first.
Definitely worth the trip to the yarn B*&** store and the $6.

Question: Are knitting store owners in other countries nicer than here? It is not just where I am in the US, because when I lived in the south I took lessons from the knitting nazi (what I called her) of course she lived 40 years in Canada and was from England?!?!!:? Just curious.


sharon said...

funny you mention that about knitting store owners - many scare me and others are totally awesome. Lately, they are just amazing - bring the gurlz for a visit and we can go to Lettuce Knit and the Needle Emporiou (harder than it sounds as one is downtown Toronto) Great job on the sock and I so understand saving the yarn.

Cindy said...

OMG!!!! You mentioned the knitting nazi in the south. It's got to be the same one that I know and NO LONGER shop in her store along with so many others because she is so &*&^&@# RUDE. Everyone in my knit group call her that. This is so funny.

Dorothy said...

Wow, I've had mostly positive experiences with shop owners.

CONGRATULATIONS on your first knitted sock! I did my first sock this month too.

GinaBina said...

I go to Riverside Yarns in Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada where the owner is very helpful, patient, and generous with the help she provides.