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Friday, May 23, 2008

Itty Bitty Hats

How many times and ways can I say how much I love Itty Bitty Hats One of my best birthday gifts! Seriously!  I love to make things from it and when I am feeling uninspired I love to open it up and peruse through it  the pictures are gorgeous.  I treat it as a coffee table book as well a a pattern book!  I am not kidding. I can not recommend it enough for your knitting library.
Anyway, my nephew William's Birthday is coming up in June and since it is the weekend after my hand surgery I decided to get started making his gifts. I have made the sailboat hat and this is one of my first times applying knitted objects to a knitted item. I was surprised how well it went. I think I may redo the masts but overall I am very pleased. I choose the color of the hat because it matches his eyes exactly

I have also visitedSusan B Anderson's blog, author of little bitty hats and she has two more adorable hat patterns for sale and another one on the way. I am planning on making this one (photo has been lifted from her personal blog but I wanted everyone to get the full effect!)  

I am also going to make this one (also lifted from Susan's blog)for my cousins Karen and Becky who are having babies in late November.
You can see what I mean about these hats! They are adorable and addicting. I am off to start on William's Birthday cake hat!

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