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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Dogs on Thursday

My dog Magnus, thinks he is a lap dog at 98lbs.  However, he is a very gentle animal and has put up with kids climbing him and pulling at him with never a sound.  He even does not min it when Kennedy moves him out of the way of his food to play in it! Gross!!!  The biggest issue with Magnus is his attachment.  He can not stand it when we leave him.  When Blake died, I had to take him to work daily till we got a new dog.  He tore a part our laundry room and garage, he was trying to claw thriough the door and wall.  So you can see that he does not like to be alone.  He has been known to sit here when I leave and not move till I caome home.  Apparently he know has a little buddy to hang out with him.


dogquilter said...

98lbs requires a lot of lap too!

Anne said...

Adorable photo - that's just totally precious. And I love the hat! Though if you had difficulty with Picot edging, I'm not looking forward to the end of the socks I'm working on!