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Friday, May 23, 2008

Dogs on Thursday- Blue addition

We have two dogs, and they are pretty great ( most of the time).  Blue, as  she is known(really AKC is Deacon Blues) is the newest member of our family.  After we lost Blake in 2006, our other dog went crazy with grief!  Seriously, he was only happy if he was with me all day, I had to take  him to school with me and he hung out in the back of my excursion. ( I knew that car was a good buy:)  
However, in order to get back to normal and help Magnus we had to get a new dog!  Along came Blue, and she has been the sweetest and smallest Lab addition to our home!  I know many times my husband wished she was bigger, but as the one who takes care of the dogs, kids, home, and works, I am glad she is smaller and easier for my 5 year old to help me feed, and walk.  I have included some pics of the dogs.

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Gnat said...

Awe how cute!!