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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Knitting two socks at once on circulars or how to really make yourself crazy!

I got this great and beautiful knitting book, Knitting circles around socks and I love it. So, I started trying to teach myself the technique. The directions are clear, the photo diagrams above average, so I decided the Hell with it lets try it.  Let me say, that it probably takes getting used to, as does any technique, so I was a little awkward at it.  Finally, I go all my stitches on arranged and the loops closed, I even knitted another round, YEAH! Then tragedy struck, the baby woke up screaming, (she does this to let me know she is in charge:) and I rushed to put the knitting down and get up when I pulled on the stitches and ripped them right off the needle! Yes, I know I should have out point protectors on first, UGH! F&*King S*&T was what came out of my mouth.  (For everyone wondering what I am exposing my baby too, she was in her crib upstairs, but her monitor was right next to my ear).
So now I am taking a break from it I was so pissed at myself!  It took me a while to get it, read and process it and then CO so it was pretty devastating even though it was only 2 rows.  
Now I am back to knitting the formerly hibernating Blossom dress for Kennedy in Bamboo.  I love the yarn and decided that it will be a closer weight if I knit it with 2 strands at a time, plus it will go a lot faster and since this is a stockinette pattern that can get boring to this non- mediatative knitter I need to see progress.  
For now I am back to having the sock book mock me from my coffee table.....


sharon said...

Oh the woes of sock knitting. I have 2 single socks and haven't cast on in a while. What is this blossom dress you are talking about. Looking for a cute cotton knit for Norah.
the sock book will continue to mock you, no worries...

Knitting Keep Me sane said...

you conquer everything you do (except cooking because you do not like to cook:)

Sop try it again and do not let it mock you.


Rachel says I :> Love you!!!!!!!!!!!!