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Friday, March 7, 2008

Socks What Socks?

So, as anyone who is the parent of two kids knows, when you make something for one you have to make something for the other.  In this case, I had made Kate a pair of blue socks, then I made her 7 month old sister a pair of socks.  Well, to Katie that was not fair, she felt she deserved a new pair.  Usually, I do not give in to the whining plus I wanted to finish my socks.  I mean since I learned how to make socks, I still have not been able to finish my pair due the children wants!  Fortunately, in this case, Ken hates anything knitted ( I know he does not know what he is missing but I am not telling him more for ME ME ME ME ME! )  
Then,lucky for Katie, I got let into  Sock on the Month 5 and needed a new project for March and as I could not use either of the socks I had started for me my daughter ended up with Katie's Spring Socks!  Here they are--------

I used Plymouth encore baby weight in a VERY light pastel pink and a spring green. I really like the yarns for kids socks. They are inexpensive and wear well. Plus, I am not spending my hard earned$$$ on my kids no matter how cute! I know understand the sock addiction and I have it BAD!

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