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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Hello Again!

Well April has been crazy! So I have not had much time to post. Part of the problem is this

Yep, that is her in all her Mobile cruising around the house 8 month glory! She is fast!!!

However, I have finished a few things since my last post. I made Kennedy the cutest pair of socks! My Mom sent me yarn for the pattern Lion Brand elephant socks! They are SOOO cute. I love them.

I have also made a new hat for Kennedy from the Itty Bitty Knits book . This is a fabulous book. Beautifully done and great patterns. A must for any knitter who knits fro babies and toddlers. The hats are TOO CUTE.

I made Kennedy the Upside-Down Daisy hat.
I used the purple yarn that was left over from the elephant socks and some green and white from my yarn stash. Kennedy seems to like the hat and I could not be happy with how the lion brand wool-ease knits up and looks in the hat version!

The other part of my time goes to this little person.
It is lacrosse season again and with that homework and family I have had NO time. I did manage to finish another pair of socks for me!

And I restarted Kennedy's Blossom dress:

So I promise to have more regular posts...I hope!


dogquilter said...

cute pics. Love the knitting. Looks like you have your hands quite full!!

sharon said...

Welcome back - and I can see the pure mischief on both their faces.
Great knitting!!!

Anne said...

Awesome FOs - but even more beautiful children : ) You should be so proud of both!