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Thursday, November 1, 2007

November 1

Well today is my Mom's birthday and she is very sick with a virus...not near death or anything she just sounds dreadful what a way to spend your birthday...UGH!
Yesterday I took my two girls out for Halloween, Katie the 5 year old likes it but like me is not much of a costume wearer, prefering instead cosutmes that are more like real outfits...she was a cheerleader...

As for the Winter coffee exchange I am getting very excited about participating and even having a blog...I will have to take a picture of my current knitting project it is just a scarf but it is quick and easy to knit in betwen taking care of my newborn who is now almost 3months!!! Hard to believe!!! I am enjoying it but forgot how much you are up at night.
Of course last night while feeding he at 2AM I got sucked into MSNBC documentary mysteries and then had to watch the whole thing so today i was exhausted!!!! Oops!

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