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Monday, November 5, 2007

Gas Whores Part Three

For those of you, appalled as I am, by the way the gas companies disregard the envioronment and raise gas prices that effect the vast majority of middle income people while they continue to make outrageous and obscene profits: you will be horrified, as I was, to see that since 9Pm last night the Cambridge gas stations went from 2.89 to 2.93!!!! WHORES!!!
I want to move to Sweden where:
A. I can walk or take great public transportation or bike
B. 100% Literacy
C. They actually care about their people especially children as everyone who has a baby has 1 year off and then an additional 9 months the father must take off. WHIILE BEING PAID! Then upon returning to work they only have to work 35 hours a week and keep their jobs and pay!!!!
D. Socialized medicine: Good for preventative and kids but not so great for emergencies....Ups and downs!
If I could I would move there but alas no job....I do enjoy being an American but sometimes I get sick of the way we treat our kids and families....


Crystal said...

I just had to pay $3.35, I hate it and walk as much as possible.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Heather - I miss you and these conversations!