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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Mean Mom

Okay so I feel like a really mean Mom today. My five year old who is usually a very good girl and ocassionally gets in a little trouble for not listening, in all day Kindergarten, got in big trouble today for not listening. We had previously set up consequences for this behavior, to include loss of TV and bed after dinner when she loses a bee ( behavior plan) and gets a frowny face. We had just talked this AM, about her wanting ice cream, on Friday for having all of course she loses her bee and gets a frowny face so I get the sucky part of parenting enforcing the consequence....
I hate punishing but I know it is necessary but it does make my heart hurt as I tell her and it is just as hard on me as it is on her.
As she sits in her room away from the TV and reading to herself, I really miss having her little self around chatting happily at me. We are very close, as my husband works long hours as a football coach, so it has always been her and I.
I may be a little hard on her because I got in so much trouble in school, not out and out bad just not listening and talking:) so I want to nip it before it gets out of hand.
Plus as a public school employee, everyday I see the result of parents who fail to enforce a home school connection, fail to discipline, and then believe their child over the teacher for things and so teacher their child nothing!!!
Do not get me wrong, I believe in the public schools, as I am not a fan of homeschooling or vouchers, as I believe children need to experiance all people and cultures, for we are a global society and it helps kids learn coping and people skills. I believe, we as parents get as much out the puclic school as we are welling to put in, I always go above and beyond for my kids on my caseload!

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Anonymous said...

I have a mean mom and sometimes I can't stand her and other times I can!