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Friday, February 15, 2008


Here are some shots of my current FO! I know it has been forever but I have NO real camera.  I am using the Iphone and it is not a great camera.....
I have also finished some dishcloths , as they are for my swap partner, I will keep them under wraps.

This is the Booga bag. It was great to knit very easy and fun. I used the Kureyon from Noro, I find it fun to work with but I know others hate it.

I also knitted a pair of thumbless mittens for Kennedy to wear this weekend. Very quick and easy. I used a baby sportweight yarn and even though the pictuere sucks they look great! They were done on straight needles and then you just sew up the last 10 stiches and sew the sideseam. Could not be faster nor easier!

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