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Friday, February 29, 2008

When did it become acceptable to wear your PJ's to Walmart?

Seriously, when did this become acceptable?  Now I know walmart is not every one's favorite store but try existing without it in a town as big as my thumbnail, with a  6 month old and a 5 year old, while on a budget.  I can not, I have tried but I can not afford it.  Anyway, not the point the point, PJ's at walmart!   I am not  talking just the questionable pant vs sleep pant. I mean the full on...Slippers, hair curlers, head wrap, I just rolled from my bed and mysteriously appeared at walmart.  Also, these people are not in to pick up a quick item: ala, my sick baby, up all night, no sleep, need diapers and her medicine.  This is weekly shopping!!!  I am a casual gal, I love my jeans, ripped and all, I do venture to stores without full make up, heels, and  in clothes that would make Stacey and Clint faint, but I have managed to get dressed.  I mean I even put on clothes to drop the daughter at school and I am not even getting out of the car!!!  
Point aside I have been a posting slacker this week.  I am going to post some pics of my current knitting and I would like to say in my defense the 6 month old is getting her first tooth and is unbearable when I put her down for 2 seconds to pee, so posting , ya not happening.  BUT I am here to make up for it SO...
I have been working on squares for a swap, but have managed to work a bit on a few pairs of socks.
This is a pair I started for Kenendy the baby. Wow , they go sooo fast!  I hope the colors turn out okay.  I picked pink for the heel to accent the colors in the top portion.
This is the pairI am knitting with the faboulously BEAUTIFUL sock yarn from my coffee swap partner Sharon.  SHOUT OUT! Love the yarn Sharon!

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sharon said...

Oh I love them - beleive me when I say it was really hard to give up the yarn. Gorgoeus!!!
here you on the kids - little one just clings and cries - think it's the molars.
keep on going, you can do it!!