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Friday, June 27, 2008

Keepn' Cool in the Summer Topic Question 3

Well now that Summer has OFFICIALLY begun.. what do you do to beat the heat? A nice tall glass of lemonade? Frozen Coffee? A dip in the pool? What's your favorite way to keep cool this summer as things heat up?

I like to hang out in the shade with neighbor friends while the kids are in the little pool we placed in the shade!   I also LOVE the pool and swimming, but with a 5 yo and a baby, I do not get much of a chance just for me to swim.  Mostly it is just holding someone!  
I also LOVE my Central air, but my husband and I fight over the temperature, I am cold at anything under 76 degrees, while he views that as not even having the house air conditioned!  I think it is better for the environment not have it set so low as well, but we'll see who wins the argument.  Mostly, I just turn it up when he is not looking!

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Darcy knotty Knitter said...

That is so funny Iam the one that wants it cooler but that is because of menopause Iam always to my littlest ones are 2&3 years old and I find the baby likes to be held but the older one wants to do her own thing I like your blog:)Hugs Darcy