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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Late 1800's Baptism Gown

Over the weekend I went to my nephew William's Baptism.  He was too cute for words...See for yourself.
We had a  great time. My daughter Katie is upset because we had to come home and leave everyone back in PA.  I managed to get some cute photos in of the kids and William. I even took along my knitting.  I am making the "paper bag hat" from Itty Bitty Knits, however, it was so bust that my knitting stayed in the bag the entire time.  On the plus side, I came home with 3 skeins of yarn to make socks for my Mom.  They are a nice natural tweed color and are from the sweater my Mom was knitting for my Dad when he suddenly died.  She has finally been able to frog the yarn  and made some teddy bears for William and my Kennedy this Easter and I am going to make her some socks:)

Additionally, I also brought back Kennedy's Baptism dress. She will be wearing it in early June for her very own Baptism.  This is the same dress my older daughter Katie wore as well as her great-grandmother.  The gown was made by my great grandmother around 1894 for her own children. My Great Grandmother was a seamstress and this is all done by hand!  Isn't it magnificent!!! The fabric has a slight bit of coloring at the top from age, so my Mom is getting it framed in acid free materials as soon as Kennedy's Baptism is finished. We are afraid if it is not displayed  like this it will soon get beyond repair.  Plus this will allow it to be enjoyed for future generations.  I would also like to add this was my idea:)


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What a wonderful dress. How lucky you are to have it.