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Sunday, December 29, 2013

The Danger Box & Darwin

I am almost done this book and had no idea that Charles Darwin was such a deep ad empathetic man. He was a family man who lvoed his children and was devastated by the loss of his 10 year old daughter. He also knew his theory of evolution would be contreversial and was a man of science. For as much as his theory is discussed and even sadly discounted, but then so is global warming and we can actually see that for ourselves; I had no idea how interesting and complex Mr. Darwin was personally till reading this book. I love the idea of the kids "Gas Gazette" and it took me some time to realize..................................
******SPOILER************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** who they were describing. This may also be because I did not read any backround on the book was just handed it since my collegue and the school librian knows I have really enjoyed Blue Balliet's other books. Additionally, I can also see a nice tie in with core common standards and Science in middle schools or a nice G/T activity as well. The writing in this book is not as deep or philosphical as the other three books of hers I have read but it still will appeal mainly to 7/8th grade readers and younger high readiung level and interest readers! Images courtsey of

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