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Sunday, November 3, 2013

If you Were Here

If You Were HereIf You Were Here by Alafair Burke
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I loved this newest book of Ms. Burke's. There has been a lot said about the lead character, McKenna Wright "not being comfortable in her own skin" or "jumpy and not focused"; I agree with these sentiments! However, instead of finding fault with the writing or book based on these assertions, I actually felt it made the character more relatable. Who can keep their focus and not jump to conclusions when emotionally invested in the subject? Which of us does not have flaws we need to overcome as a person? For me, these made the character more real and her flaws drew me into her. I wanted to see her grow; I wanted to see her gain perspective. In fact, McKenna is described as a character who hates to NOT excel and will give up on something if she cannot be the best. Therefore, as we watch he story progress she and the reader can see how these choices have hurt her and that she needs to work hard to overcome them.

Additionally, there were a lot of storylines, and possibilities, I felt Ms. Burke, tied them together and handled them well. They were well described and tied together. I loved that she kept me guessing till the end. In fact, I was so into the characters, at one point when I felt the book was going in a specific direction I was upset and rushed to read to the end putting everything else aside in my life to finish it! In fact, even though she was not "there" I felt that Susan Hauptman was well developed and allowed for emotional insight and attachment in spite of her role in the book as a character that is really not seen.

I have to say for me the fact that McKenna screws up, jumps to conclusions, and goes with her gut makes me LOVE her. Ms. Burke portrays her lead characters emotional attachment to the subject. No one is objective when they are emotionally connected to a story or incident. I think McKenna nails it. I like a character that has flaws, who of us does not have flaws? The book allows us to see McKenna’s growth! I could not read it fast enough and cannot recommend it more!

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