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Monday, December 22, 2008

Where have you been?

The fall season has just kicked my butt. I have been taking kids all over the place and have had no time for me. Add to that my intense holiday knitting, social obligations and demanding 1 year old all adds up to no time for me. I have however, knitted a couple of things in that time.

I love these for wine bottle gifts, so festive and can be used as tree ornaments by the reciever.

I made two of these ornaments for my aunts just because I love them so...They turned out bigger than I thought but I really like them and they were such a quick knit.

I also, by request made this sweet little hat for my adorable niece Elizabeth.

Beyond that this is a little glimpse into what we have been doing.....Christmas concerts,
gingerbread house making, turkey cooking, besides the swimming lessons, coaching and playing soccer, daisy scouts and more. I know what I want for the new year, More knitting time for me!

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