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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Preemie cap

This is my first knitting project in way too long. My life has become very busy. An almost two year old makes knitting nearly impossible. As soon as I start to knit Kennedy decides she wants to get on my lap, at times nearly impaling herself on the needles!!!! So it is often safer to knit when she is asleep. Of course that is the time I need to check email, grade papers for the online class I teach, cook and clean the house. Oh and play with Katie! However, I did make time to knit a hat, I am working on number 2 for the July Itty Bitty Charity knits. This is my month to host and I am sending the hats to the NICU where Kate spent almost 6 weeks when she was born at 2lbs 3oz. The Hat in the picture is made for a preemie 1-3lbs and would have fit Katie at birth. To give perspective, I have taken a picture with a newborn itty bitty bunny ears hat.

I can not believe Katie was once a 13" and 2 lbs....she actually got down under 2 lbs! Truly frightening but makes you glad for healthy kids and great nurses and doctors. I could not thank Drs. MacArtor and Wright enough! Truely heros and they are also nice people! Rare in the Dr. Speciality world!
Anyway for anyone who would like to knit a hat for the NHRMC NICU, please contact me by leaving a comment or on ravelry:twoaugustgirls.

The link for this great preemie hat and even more fun patterns is:
Make sure you tell her twoaugustgirls sent ya!

The patterns are quick, fun and easy to follow. Thanks!!!!

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