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Monday, September 1, 2014

Four Secrets By Margaret Willey a 5 Star Book

This book is one you cannot put down! Rental, Nate, Katie, and Chase are tied together with four secrets.   This books highlights the dark side of growing up, trusting friends, bullying and junior high school in general.   I loved that these kids all deal with their detentions and journals in different ways.  As a school counselor, I could relate to the social workers need to help them, desire to save them as well as her need to learn the truth in spite of their pact.  I also loved how she was able to help them with out making them change their personalities nor feel guilty about who they are and how they think.  The journals were amazingly written: Nate's is a masterpiece, Reneta's also tells her story, and Kate's secret journal is well written.  How they use their journals to te

ll their stories is one of the most amazing aspects if this book! This is one not to be missed!  It is well written, interesting, realistic and pertinent to adolescents and adult readers of YA fiction.

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